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The Asian Guild - a non-profit organisation celebrates annually the unparalleled economic and cultural contributions made by the Asians to every aspect of life in the United Kingdom.

Whether born here or in the Indian sub continent, Asians hove enriched every aspect of life in Britain by enterprise, culture and with their cuisine. Supported by community leaders, politicians, entrepreneurs, professionals and academics, The Asian Guild seeks to promote the unique role of Asians in building our modern, plural, democratic society.

The Guild will attempt to "build bridges" and to "mend fences" in what has become a sensitive time for this country and, indeed, the whole world after the recent global events. The traditional values of the family and faith continue to underpin the identity of Asians across the broad spectrum of ethnic communities. Asians represent in microcosm the two pillars of religious tolerance and cultural diversity rarely found elsewhere on this planet. lt has been a unique and successful experiment born out of typically British yalues of tolerance, fair play and hard work. These values are no better exemplified than in the day-to-day lives of Asian families.

The Asian Guild stands for a multi-racial, tolerant, productive and creative Great Britain. ln the face of economical hardship, prejudice and indigenous suspicion, Asians first survived and then thrived to help make Great Britain a leading member of the international community. The Asian Guild is loosely modelled upon the Noble Prize Organisation.

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