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Name Achievements Category
Dr. Vijay Vir Kakkar
World Leader in thrombosis Medicine
Mr. Taz Singh Stereo Nation Music
Mr. Afshin Rattansi Producer BBC's Today programme, Now Al Jazeera Media
Mr. Joginder Pal Sanger Supported Asian
Causes by participating in raising funds
Community Service
Dr. M Richharia Leading international expert in satellite communications Science & Technology
Ms. Gurjinder Chadda Film Director – Bend it like Becham, Bhaji on the beach Film
Mr. Irfan Quadir One of the youngest ever – Asian director on the board of the Bank of Scotland Finance
Mr. Nasser Hussain England Cricket Captain Sports
Mr. Ravi Shankar World renowned Sitar Player Life Time
Mr. Sharad Patel Planning and developing Asian Centre in Wembley Enterprise
Professor Raman Bedi   Community Service
Sir Ravinder Maini   Science
Ms. Naaz Coker   Asian Women of the Year
Asst. Commissioner Tarique Gaffur   Fellowship of Asian Guild
Mr. Wasim Akram   Sports
Mr. Naresh Goyal   Commerce & Enterprise
Mr. Amitabh Bachchan   Lifetime Achievement
Mr. Shah Rukh Khan   Start of the Decade
Mr. Yash Chopra Film Director Outstanding Contribution in Films
Bank of Scotland Grant Thornton Field Fisher Waterhouse
My Washington Mayfair Hotel Asian Xpress AIR-INDIA