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Dr. Asha Bhosle
International President



Rt. Hon. Lord Archer

The world has needs enough to keep us all busy. There are hungry mouths to be fed, deserts to cultivate, questions to be answered. If we all work together, there may be talents and energy enough to make a future.

This country has benefited greatly from the entrepreneurs and the academics, the scientists and the artists, the professionals and the craftspeople whose families have come from other countries to live here. From differing backgrounds, our culture and religions, we flourish when we share what we each have to offer. I take pride in the genes, which formed me, partly Anglo-Saxon, partly Celtic.

It is good to see Asians looking with pride on their roots and their cultures. The Asian Guild expresses that pride, but it is pride not at the expense of others, but in the contribution, which Asians can make to our common well-being. And it recognizes that what the various Asian traditions have in common is infinitely more important than what divides them.

We all have much to learn, and it can be easy or hard. But if we learn, the world may have a future after all.

Message from the Chairman
Lord King
The Asian Guild is clearly an idea whose time has come. It’s an evening where the Asian community can feel a sense of pride at the achievements of their friends, colleagues and fellows. It is a night that combines ‘glittering prizes’ with ‘glittering entertainment’. Above all else, however, we will gather to celebrate our values, our hard work and our contribution to the British way of life. There is no corner of this great country that has been left untouched by our collective enterprise, culture and spirit.

Message from the Senior Vice President
Dr. S VenuGopal
Senior Vice President
The Asian Guild U.K. is a culmination of a think tank takes pride in achievements of Asians abroad. These hard working, genius achievers in their own fields of business, industry, science, research, sport are pioneer for future. The Asian Guild will serve as a beacon to highlight the social uprigo of people who have made their homes in different countries and working for racial harmony and world peace.
Sylvia Heal M.P. Deputy Speaker - House of Commons     

International President
Dr. Asha Bhosle

His. Highness Gajsingh II
Maharaja of Marwar/Jodhpur
Dr. L. M. Singhvi, former High Commissioner of India in U.K.
High Commissioner of India
High Commissioner of Malaysia
High Commissioner of Pakistan
High Commissioner of Sri Lanka
High Commissioner of Bangladesh
Royal Ambassador for Nepal

Rt. Hon. Lord Archer of Sandwell PC, QC

Vice President
Lord Dholakia
Tom Watson M.P.
Sylvia Heal M.P.
Gisela Stuart M.P.
Mohd. Habib
Dr. S. Venugopal
D. C. Singhania

The Lord King of West Bromwich

Vice Chairman
Joginder Sanger

Director Generals
Suresh Joshi
Niru Pattni

Company Secretary
Hasu Patel B.Com F.C.A.

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